EuPA Genel Kurulu Gerçekleştirildi
EuPA Genel Kurulu Gerçekleştirildi
EuPA General Council was held

EuPA General Council was held online and TuPA representatives secured important roles in the executive committees.
TuPA was represented by Prof. Aysel Özpnar, who was elected to EuPA Conference & Communications Committee where TuPA Vice-President Dr. Nurhan Özlü was elected in EuPA Education Committee. Dr. Yasemin Furtun will serve in the EuPA Initiatives Committee

Prof.Dr. Aysel Özpınar, EuPA Conference & Communications Committee
TThe major missions of the EuPA Conference & Communication Committee (CCC)  are:

  • Increasing the visibility and accessibility of proteomics for scientists and clinicians from the scientific community (life science, clinical science, biostatistics, bioinformatics, etc.)
  • Organization of crossover meetings with other scientific societies (ex. FEBS, EMBO, FEMS, ESCMID, etc.)
  • Coordination between EuPA General Council, HUPO and National Societies for EuPA congress organization 
  • Development and facilitation of EuPA communication including official website, social media appearance, promotional material and Newsletter 
  • Encouraging and coordination of EuPA workshops  
  • Organization of webinars involving scientists (students, juniors, and seniors) from the National Societies  
  • Fostering communication among the National Societies

Committee website: 

Dr. Nurhan Özlü, EuPA Education Committee
The current priority goals of the EuPA Education Committee (EC) are:

  • Organize European-wide workshops and courses to promote and enhance the quality of proteomics knowledge through the life sciences community, general public and governmental bodies.
  • Setup and promote European-wide scientific exchange programs for young researchers to enhance their scientific career and promote cultural exchanges throughout Europe.

Committee website:
Dr. Yasemin Furtun, EuPA Initiatives Committee
The current mission of the EuPA Initiatives Committee (EC) is:

  • Support existing European proteomics initiatives by providing funding and infrastructure and promoting their scientific and educational activities in a fair and transparent way
  • Encourage the creation of new initiatives that value scientific excellence, equality, inclusion and diversity
  • Foster links between initiatives and stimulate interdisciplinary exchanges to favor scientific innovation 

Committee website:

A new EuPA Executive Committee was elected during the EuPA General Assembly:

  • President: Lennart Martens (Belgium)
  • Vice-President: Connie Jimenez (The Netherlands)
  • Conference & Communication committee: Éva Csősz (Hungary)
  • Education committee: Christine Carapito (France)
  • EuPA Journals committee: Stefan Tenzer (Germany)
  • Funding committee: Juan Antonio Vizcaino (United Kingdom)
  • EuPA Initiatives Committee: Lydie Lane (Switzerland)


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