Turkish Proteomics Association Vision

Proteomics technologies play an important role in biosimilars research, medicine discoveries, diagnosis, molecular medicine, cancer treatment and in many other areas in health management. Protein Profiling provide a big amount of important data and helps detect the protein expressions and posttranslational changes. Proteins are important dinamic cell components which carry important hints about diseases, it is imperative to monitor the changes in protein expression levels or monitor relative concentrations in tissues or biological fluids. The previous work done in this field yielded great results to diagnose tumors with very difficult patologies via identifying potential biosimilars.


It is possible to use these biosimilars or approach to clinical treatment via available modern molecular biology techniques with the use of developing new formulations for protein profiling pharmaceutical medicine development.


In order to achieve these goals, our vision is to establish an international working environment in the field of proteomics research. We believe it is important to support and encourage young researchers in the field of proteomics to work and get education in international labs to expand their knowledge.

For all kinds of information, suggestions, requests and consultancy questions
you can write to us from turkishproteomicssociety@gmail.com.