Message from the President

Esteemed Scientists,

As you know the word "PROTEOM" comes from the phrases PROTEin and genOMe and it is the name of the proteins defined by the genome of an organism or tissue. Proteomics which is defined as "proteom analysis", is a fast growing field of scientific study which identifies the structural properties of the protein and technologies illuminating its functions. Since the expected scientific revolution with the use of genomes for the diagnosis and treatment of diseases did not happen as planned, especially in the last 20 years scientists have been working on protein structures defined by genomes to diagnose and treat diseases and develop and improve proteom analysis methods.

The number of centers for proteomics research in Turkey grow every day. Our association was established in 2011 in the leadership of Acıbadem University to motivate the young researchers, gathering scientists and providing a platform to share and discuss scientific data in the field of proteomics. In the same calendar year, our association became a member of EuPA (European Proteomics Association) and HuPO (Human Proteome Organization) and being represented in the board of directors and working groups capacity in these organizations. Turkish Proteomics Association organizes workshops, symposia, meetings and congresses to make sure its members and students stay up to date and provide a platform for international collaboration. Turkish Proteomics association organized 1st and 2nd Symposia in 2011 and 2012 for this purpose and organized the 1st National Proteomics Congress in 20-21 November 2014 in Antalya along with COST BM1104 Imaging Mass Spectrometry: New Toos for Healthcare Congress. The 2nd National Proteomic Congress was organized in Istanbul on 24-25 November 2017. The Turkish Proteomics Association announced its 3rd congress as 3rd International Congress of the Turkish Proteomics Association to be organized in February 2020 in Koç University Campus in Istanbul.

We are trying to build a bigger and more efficient network in our field and share all available information with our members. With this aim in mind, we organized the EuPA 2016 (10th European Proteomics Congress) on 22-25 June 2016 in Istanbul, Acibadem University Congress Center so that our members and colleagues who work in the field of proteomics find the chance to meet and collaborate with world renown speakers and scientists. Our next stop is hopefully to bring in HuPO World Congress to Istanbul and register Turkey as one of the important research hubs of proteomics in the world

Best regards,

Prof. Aysel Özpınar
President, Turkish Proteomics Association

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