Article 1 - The name of the association is Turkish Proteomics Association. The headquarters are in Istanbul, has no satellite offices.
Article 2 - The Aim and Subjects of Study
A - Aim:
The aim of the association is to gather the scientists who work, do research or who want to work or do research in the field of proteomics in Turkey and create a platform for them to work together and represent Turkey internationall in this field.
B - Subjects of  Study
1. Gathering the scientists who work in the field of proteomics and helping them to represent Turkey in relations with similar international organizations.
2. Organizing national and international conferences, congresses and seminars and try to attract young researchers to work in the field.
3. Making sure the proteomics field of study in Turkey stays up-to-date with such scientific organizations.
4. Making scientific collaboration and creating opportunities for joint studies with similar associations from Austria, Denmark, France, Germany, Switzerland, Greece and Spain as well as members of EuPA (European Proteomics Association).
5. Ensuring the continuation of the international scientific collaborations.
6. Publishing newsletters to inform members and the public about the actions of the association.
7. Planning and running projects in line with the purposes of the association.
8. Buying, renting, selling all kind of real estate or equipment for the use and benefit of the association.
9. Hiring and employing necessary staff to carry out its goals.
10. Establishing a productive working environment to carry out its goals, acquiring and buying necessary stationary and other equipment for this purpose.
11. Publishing all kinds of written, visual or audio publications in its field and distributing such publications.
12. In order to increase the social interaction within its members, organizing all kinds of social activities such as but not limited to dinner meetings, concerts, theatre, exhibitions, sportive activities, excursions, fairs and making sure its members benefit from such organizations, also collaborating with other organizations who organize such events.
13 Acquiring, creating, publishing and distributing all kinds of information, documents, publications, creating data centers, publishing books, magazines, newsletters, internet based media and making sure its members benefit from such publications.
Each member can resign from membership by written application to the board of directors. Association does not get involved with any kind of political activity, does not accept donations or payments from any politicial body.
C- Field of Activity
The association field of activity is science and scientific research.

For all kinds of information, suggestions, requests and consultancy questions
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