Dear Colleagues,
It is our great pleasure to invite you to the TuPA International Proteomics Congress // 5th National Proteomics Congress to be held in Ankara, Türkiye between 13-14 October 2023.  
The program covers a broad spectrum of timely topics in the fields of cell biology and functional proteomics, structural proteomics, post-translational modification analysis, bioinformatics, multi-omics approaches, multiple analysis of DNA damage repair proteins and diseases and clinical applications.
In the last years great advancements have been made in proteomics analysis approaches with the use of high technology mass spectrometry in conjunction with advanced bioinformatics applications. Studies in this field advanced to a point where we can identify the profiles of different biomolecule groups in biological samples with high precision and accuracy, as well as charactarize in detail the various post-translational modifications in protein structures. Analysis such as identification of the biomarkers and illumination of biomolecular interaction mechanisms help identify many diseases in its’ early stages. All the advancement increased the interest greatly in our field.   

Besides the prestigious plenary and invited symposium lectures, oral and poster sessions will give most participants the opportunity to present their work at the Congress. The program also includes a range of science-related educational and social topics, as well as an exhibition, and updates from non-academic partners in the industry. On 12th of October, we will organize  “Glycemic and Glycoproteomics Analysis Workshop” which will be carried out both theoretically and practically.
Our congress will take place in Ankara, the capital of Türkiye during the 100th anniversary of the Republic of Türkiye in one of the major universities in our country, Hacettepe University Beytepe Campus. We aim our congress to provide a recital of science with the contribution of highest quality national and international faculty and content.
Dear valued colleagues, on behalf of the Turkish Proteomics Association, you are cordially invited to join us in Ankara for the TuPA International Proteomics Congress // 5th National Proteomics Congress. We are looking forward to meet in our capital in the 100th anniversary of our republic...
Best regards,
Prof. Bekir Salih
Congress President
TuPA International Proteomics Congress // 5th National Proteomics Congress