Click to download the Abstract Book of the TuPA International Proteomics Congress // 4th Turkish National Proteomics Congress

Please click on the button above to follow the link to our Online Abstract System. You can submit your abstracts before  
 15 September 2023.
You can submit your abstracts in 11 different categories. 
- 1. Cell Biology and Functional Proteomics
- 2. Structural Proteomics
- 3. Multi-omics Approaches
- 4. Post Translational Modification Analysis
- 5. Bioinformatics
- 6. Plant / Animal and Nutrition
- 7. Clinical Applications
- 8. Proteogenomics
- 9. Proteomics in Model Organisms
- 10. New Approaches in Proteomics (Other)
- 11. Multiple Analysis of DNA Damage Repair Proteins
Abstract Submission Rules
1. All abstracts will be submitted via online abstract submission system.
2. All abstracts will be submitted in English
3. Do not use academic titles for author names.
4 Author names should be written as: First letter in capital letters rest in regular letters. ie; Mehmet Küçük
5. Please state the full name of the author institutions. ie; Xxxxx University, Faculty of Xxxxx, Department of Xxxxx
6. The title of the abstract should be definitive of contenct.
7. Abstract title will not exceed 10 words.
8. All abstracts should be structured with: Aim, Method, Results and Conclusion
9. Aim: the importance of the subject and aim of the research should be stated clearly.
10. Method: research model, universal examples, data gathering methods and tools, statistical analysis should be stated.
11. Results: the results of the research should be stated in this section.
12. Conclusion: the authors should talk about the answer to the main question of the research with the help of the research results.
13. All abstracts must be at least 150 and maximum 300 words excluding the title and author information.
14. Authors can add pictures, photos and graphics to their abstracts.
15. Abstracts accepted to be presented as an Oral Presentation or Young Gun will be presented in the main congress halls. The presentation program as well as the rules and regulations for preparing the orgal presentations will be announced later.
16. Any abstracts which do not comply with all articles on this list can be rejected without evaluation.
Evaluation of Abstracts
All abstracts will be evaluated by the selected scientific committee members. The evaluation process is done online and double blind. The result of evaluations will be published on the congress website and authors will be informed via e-mail regarding the status of their evaluation. The scientific committee may change the preferred presentation type of the abstract but these changes should be agreed by the presenting author. In order for an abstract to be evaluated at least one author of the abstract should complete their registration to the congress. Daily registration will not be accepted for presenting authors, they should register for the whole congress.
Best Poster Award
The scientific committee will select and present a monetary award for the Best Poster of the Congress.
Certificate of Presentation
All presenting authors for accepted abstracts will be provided a certificate of presentation. The certificates will be sent to presenting author e-mail address after the congress and only in the case the abstract is presented during the congress.

Abstract Book
All accepted and presented abstracts will be published in the digital Congress Abstract Book.